Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.4

July 4, 2009
Human Body: an Instrument for God Realization

The saints caution us if we happen to follow the wrong path, and show us the proper way. They always remain in the ecstasy of the awareness of God, always thinking of Him and talking of Him. True, lasting joy is obtained only by those who see everything as part of God’s sport. That we sow a single seed of corn and reap an ear as harvest – is this not an evidence of God’s merciful sportiveness?
In essence we have in us all that God is and has. We have the divine spark in us no less than Maruti had; only He fully developed it, whereas we smother it. Let us therefore hold Him as our ideal – His continence, devotion and service to Rama, and way of obliging others; these characteristics we should try to imitate and imbibe.
Maruti lives for all time; one with the proper degree of faith may still see Him. He viewed all creation as the image of Rama. It is this that true devotion seeks to achieve. When devotion reaches the degree where one forgets one’s self, the devotee will find his abstract ideal take shape and assume life.
Whenever thinking of or doing anything ask yourself whether God will approve of it. To feel thus at all times is what devotion seeks to achieve. When you attain the conviction that God is the doer and dispenser of everything, that He is your well-wisher and support, then everything that comes or happens will be meekly accepted as His will, and complete contentment will result. This contentment and the joy it brings surpass all other kinds of wealth. There should be a veritable fountain of joy in our heart, so that anyone who has a mood of cheerlessness should seek our company to drive away that mood. Worldly riches can be given away and exhausted; but joy is a thing that improves by giving. A joyful nature is, indeed, a divine gift.
Man is endowed with the invaluable faculties of a logical mind, a discerning intellect, and a highly capable speech for communication of thoughts and ideas. But we abuse these gifts employing them for obtaining bodily pleasures and sentimental gratification, instead of directing them to the attainment of God. In our own interest we should desist from this misapplication and employ these faculties in the service of devotion to God.
* * * * *