Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July 8

July 8, 2009
Anusandhana, and how to Maintain it

Whatever stands highest in our affection and closest to the heart’s attachment, naturally becomes part and parcel of our very being. It is so deeply ingrained that it occupies not only our subconscious self but lies in the unconscious, and we are not even aware that it is there. We are literally one with it, it so thoroughly pervades our existence. Imagine that we are going in great hurry with mind preoccupied, and somebody hails us by name; we invariably turn the head to look; so completely are we one with the body and the name. We do not have to be tutored for it; we love the body with the highest intensity, as a matter of course. This is a result of our ego, which makes us ignorant of the fact that we are basically identical, not with this mortal body, but with the elemental, eternal Cosmic Soul. It requires supreme effort to re-kindle this true knowledge. Indeed, the true goal of human life is to realize this identity; this can be achieved only by keeping God in the foreground ceaselessly, in every act and thought, filling our entire being with an indelible awareness of God.
At a circus show, we watch animals do their various acts. We marvel at their skilful performance, express our admiration by clapping. But the performing animals themselves pay scant attention to our applause. Their attention is wholly focussed on the signals the trainer makes with his whip. And what do we humans do? We consider with the utmost concern the reaction of other people, completely ignoring God, the real Manager of the entire universe. If we reverse our concern, we shall easily understand what He would like or approve. If we keep Him ever uppermost in mind, we shall automatically be doing what He desires. All that is needed is never to lose sight or awareness of Him, and physically act as duty demands. This can be achieved, solely, easily, naturally, by extreme, unswerving, single-pointed love for Him. Such love alone gives true anusandhana or super-awareness, unconscious awareness.
A mother having bathed and fed the child, lulls it to sleep, puts it into the cradle, and then proceeds with the usual household chores. Apparently engrossed in work, she is still alive to the puniest little wail of her baby. We should love God with similar intensity, and similarly maintain constant, dominant awareness of Him; that is anusandhana.
* * * * *