Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.10

Surrender to Sadguru

One who accepts with contentment the situation that Rama grants, is a true virakta, a spiritualist who is truly disinterested. Viveka or true spirit of discrimination, is evident in one who holds his mind away from whatever militates against Rama. When the mind feels interest in worldly things and passions, one may conclude that spiritual discrimination is disappearing. The way of thinking is influenced by the ego, which always tries to detract the mind from awareness of God. The only way to counteract this effect is to try to be ever mindful of Raghuveera. Indeed, learn to think that everything that comes to the mind is Rama. The only thing that will dispel the pitch-darkness of a thickly clouded moonless night is sunrise; similarly, the invariable conviction that Rama is the doer of everything, dispels all doubts and distractions of the mind.
Keep the mind pure, untainted by prejudice or passion, as would be loved by the God-fearing; this will please God. That selfishness rules the world can be evident from a search of our own heart. Therefore, detach your thoughts from all worldly things, and then courageously face all tendencies with a firm conviction that God is the real doer.
Disabuse your mind of all doubt, and go to the sadguru in all humility. Keep repeating nama free of doubt and distraction, for that is the foundation of true, lasting happiness. Rest assured that God will never hold Himself away from one whose heart is pure, whose conduct is morally irreproachable, and who wants God for His own sake. Such a person may go about worldly affairs but without being mentally involved.
God must manifest Himself where there is love for Him. Keep ever aware of God, the Prime Mover for the body itself and the universe. Good, godfearing people always treat it as good fortune to have yearning for God. One who lives like worldly men but is internally aloof from all such things with the help of nama, corresponds to turbid water clarified by alum. The great prowess of nama is that it absorbs the poison of worldly attractions. So let your mind think of nama and nama alone. It should, indeed, percolate deep, even beyond the four types of vani or speech. Always be on guard lest any urge but nama arise in the mind.

* * * * *

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