Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.15

Earnest Yearning Brings Sadguru’s Meeting

Man does know what to do and what not to, but he is controlled by the dictates of desire, to which he succumbs. We enjoy sense pleasures, but when we come to their unpleasant consequences, we feel overwhelmed. This is due to a misconception, a delusion, which can be overcome by, (1) good, godly thoughts, (2) nama-smarana, and (3) company of saints. A saint, however, is not easy to recognize, unless we belong to that class ourselves. It is easier to gather and entertain good thoughts. A good thought is one that has a bearing on God. It is easiest, however, to engage oneself in nama-smarana. If you manage to bring yourself to repeating nama incessantly, you need not go to search for a guru, for he will come of his own accord, even from the remotest part of the Himalayas. It is as natural as ants swarming to a lump of candy.
You may protest inability to maintain incessant repetition of nama. Now just consider what you do when your child fails to make the grade at school. Do we not force him to try again more seriously? We force him out of our anxiety to equip him to make a living. Why do we not show the same anxiety to meet a sadguru? If we do, he will even emerge from below the ground, for be sure he is eagerly waiting, watching, to assist you.
A mother’s care for the child is limited to her life-time, but a sadguru’s guardianship covers life after life of the disciple. The sadguru may have laid down his body, but he continues to exist and extend his protection and guidance to the disciple in one incarnation after another. When the, disciple becomes restless, so does the sadguru. So if you do not want the sadguru to lose his peace of mind, you should always keep your mind at rest, contented. Whether the body is subjected to pleasure or pain, keep the mind equable, undisturbed, happy. To have found the sadguru is the all in all of life, and you have nothing to do further. You will lose your separate existence, your ego, provided you surrender yourself to him completely unreservedly.
A yearning for God is the very life of a sadhaka. So think of Rama, whether you are awake or sleeping. Let nama be ever on your lips.

* * * * *


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