Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.25.

July 25, 2009

Never Relinquish the Divine Name

Will-power can be so strong that it can even physically attract the desired thing. In the same way, the Lord is definitely accessible to one who really strongly yearns for Him. One may acquire an abundance of material things, but they will all fail to give lasting satisfaction because they are all imperfect, impermanent. As against these, the Lord Himself being the pinnacle of perfection, when He is attained, all mundane desires wane and eventually perish, leaving only pure contentment and bliss. So always aspire to attain Him. To chant nama ceaselessly is equivalent to saying repeatedly,” I want You; it is You that I yearn for.” If we leave everything in life to Rama, we shall find that He gives us far more than what can be normally expected or even imagined. We should go about in life in the faith that our body, our life, are all under the direction and control of Rama; if our conviction to that effect is unshakable, we shall never feel want.
One particular feature of nama-smarana should be noted. Even if it is done with a mundane objective, which may even be achieved, it gradually attenuates desire and finally the mind becomes entirely free from it. Therefore, take to nama-smarana, no matter with what object. Of course, if the objective itself is to become desireless, the purpose will be achieved much sooner. Nama-smarana is not only the means, it is also the object. We should have the conviction that nama is Ultimate Reality itself.
When we undertake any act, we constantly bear the desired result in mind; similarly, when we chant nama we should always be aware of the objective, namely, realising God. To keep so aware without break constitutes anusandhan.
As a matter of fact, we are part and parcel of God, the Ultimate Reality. We are deluded into believing that sensory pleasure is the objective, the end and aim of human life. The saints remind us that sense-pleasures are not the true goal, but the realisation of our true nature is the goal of our life. Repeatedly chanting nama is constantly to remind ourselves of this fact.
So, repeatedly chant nama, pray to God from the bottom of your heart, and God will absolve you of all past sins of commission and omission; for this I give you my word.
* * * * *