Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravchan- July.28

July 28, 2009

“I Fully Protect One who Chants Nama”

To seek to unravel mysteries is a natural tendency in man. And yet there are to this day many things even in the palpable world that defy the human intellect. It is no wonder, then, that many things in the impalpable, spiritual field have defied human intelligence, logic, and investigation. What makes me talk, enables me to talk, where and how I get my mind, and such other things continue to be an enigma. Such things can be understood only by one who has conquered the ‘body-am-I’ feeling. I can be truly understood only by those who are so absorbed in nama as to forget their own physical existence.
You come to me principally to ensure improvement in the state of your prapancha. It should be obvious that the more you levigate a piece of coal the more black paste you get. Similarly the harder you toil for prapancha the more miserable it becomes, because it is so in its very nature. This is excusable only for one who is ignorant; but what about us who daily experience the truth of this all around us? When experience shows that we have no control over what happens to us or is in store for us, where is the wisdom in wishing that a thing should shape in a certain way? Evidently the best thing to do is to carry out our duty and leave the rest to the dispensation of Rama.
I seek to come to you but you block my way. All you have to do to clear my way is to be in unremitting nama-smarana. I never despair about anybody, for, one who has come to human life is bound sooner or later to yearn for Rama and eventually to attain absolution.
What I have been exhorting my people day and night is that, come what may, never cease uttering nama. One who calls himself mine must have love for nama. In life, never funk nor flinch, never forsake courage, and never abandon nama. I never advise anything that will militate against practical considerations. One who remains in nama, him I protect in all ways : I am always with him, though he may not know in what form. Do nama-smarana while you retain consciousness; I undertake to do it for you while you sleep or are unconscious.

* * * * *