Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-July.29

” I Can’t Bear to See Anybody in Sorrow”

That many persons should come here, that they should be well fed, and that all should chant nama – these three things I passionately like. If anyone does these things, he can rest assured that he will never know want. I undertake to manage the prapancha of him who ever bears me in his heart. Of course, I do not like that anyone should neglect his prapancha; indeed, I want that it should be done carefully, as a sacred duty. He who never regrets what is wanting, nor stints giving to others what he has in surplus, virtually gives his all to me. I never polluted my hand by holding it out in supplication before anyone. I would not like to be offered money in charity. Even if a lakh of rupees were so offered I would spurn it, and prefer to earn a very modest living by my own toil. I like to dress in the minimum clothing, even just a loin cloth, to live in a Maruti temple, to live on alms, and to engage in unceasing nama-smarana. Are there any among you who are prepared to lead such a life with me? If I have obstinately stuck to and insisted on anything, it is nama. I have always sympathised with the poor; I don’t mind poverty, but I passionately disapprove of cringing. I have never felt ashamed to beg in a selfless way on behalf of others. I cannot bear to see anyone in sorrow or pain. I have nothing but love for anybody; indeed, I am only love and nothing but love, and that, too, a mother’s love. I really do nothing, and things shape as they are destined to; and yet people seem to come to me for help; that they find support and solace in me is how I behave with them. As a parting message I would only repeat what I said in the beginning and what I have always been saying: never abandon nama, whatever be the circumstances. My prayer to Rama is that He showers His blessings on all of you. I know how much you all toil for me. He alone can and will requite you for it. May you all live happily; this is my blessing to you. I can confidently say from my experience that Rama provides enough for anyone who freely surrenders to Him all he has. * * * * *

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