Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravchan-Aug.1.

Discovering True Bliss

Before this multifarious creation came into being, there existed a single entity, with nothing to disturb its peace and bliss. We, as part of the creation, naturally hanker to recapture that peace and bliss. But we also delight in doing something; we find inaction intolerable. Now and then, we feel beset with the travails, reverses, and disappointments of worldly life, and feel like retiring into solitude and peace, but these are only temporary fits. Blessed indeed is the person who disentangles himself from the multifarious vexations and upsets of worldly life and achieves unruffled peace of mind. The rest of us fail because we are reluctant to do what is required. We must cultivate a frame of mind which refuses to be upset at reverses; in other words, a mind devoid of desire of any kind. The thought that I do or do not desire should become foreign to our mind. So long as we entertain desire of any kind, we may be sure we are far from mental peace and bliss. Ambition one may entertain, but without staking mental peace. We should accept the outcome cheerfully, gracefully, as the verdict of God, acting without pride of self and doership; for, only that attitude can give peace to our mind. Ruminating on past deeds and happenings, whether pleasing or otherwise, and worrying about the future, both disturb peace of mind. This is evidently unnecessary if we once and for all accept everything as happening by divine will. To grieve and not to grieve both depend on the reaction of the mind; if the mind is properly trained, it can be peaceful, unmoved, even when the body is undergoing pain. In old age, in particular, a cheerful heart is beneficial even more than drugs for maintaining health. One who loves nama can be in peace and happy in any condition of the body; and one who enjoys this happiness can rest assured that Rama has taken him under His grace. There can be only one thing that we can truly bestow on the Lord, and that is our ‘self’. To chant nama incessantly and be utterly unaware of one’s ‘self’ and physical existence is true dedication to Him. The prapancha that I can truly call ‘mine’ is one that brings me true happiness. If my happiness rests on others it is only an illusion; for my agony and pain they cannot take over. Remembering nama alone stands me in good stead. * * * * *


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