Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Aug.10.

August 10, 2009

What is Paramartha in Essence

Everyone who is solicitous about his own interest, I exhort you to listen to what I say. I feel true attachment for whoever is a devotee of Rama; I regard him as a genuine friend. My sole object in life is to guide everyone to what is in his ultimate interest. Life is meaningless if it does not exist for Rama. Once you dedicate yourself to me, I take it upon myself to look after you, to shoulder your worries and anxieties. You may rest contented. Have no worry about the end, for I undertake to see you successfully through. When I say I have taken you unto me, you should feel easy, disburdened, reassured. Trust in me, God will surely give you the cover of His mercy. My followers can depend on me to be by their side, wherever they may happen to be; I give this assurance confidently, in the name of the Lord. Know that I am present in your joy; do not drive me away by harbouring misery in the mind. One who maintains constant awareness of God, sees Him everywhere, and loves nama dearly, the Lord is with him everywhere, all the time. If you do what I have asked you to do, I guarantee that Rama will take you into the folds of His grace. All palpable things must eventually perish, cease to exist in visible form. My own physical body is also subject to this rule of nature; but my last wish, my parting message is, “Never quit nama while you breathe.” Do this, and Rama will undoubtedly shower His grace on you. Remain always contented, free of pleasure, pain, anxiety. I am ever by your side, for I am contentment incarnate. My sole desire, all my effort, is to unite you with Rama. In practice you will have to behave as circumstances demand, but at heart rest in utter surrender to Rama, and be inseparable from nama. This, and this alone, will lead you to contentment. I would exhort you again and again to be detached and discriminating at heart. Be devoted to God, attain to realization of the true nature of the Cosmic Soul, be in ceaseless awareness of it, and be ever attached to nama. I repeatedly assure you that I am ever there to back you up, so never lose courage. * * * * *