Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan-Sept.7

Earn Wealth Only by Moral Means

Some people have the habit of always harbouring anxiety for one reason or another, without any basis. Anxiety is a source of distraction in life. If the possession of money becomes a cause for anxiety, then is it not better to give up money? I do not mean that you should throw away money but, at the same time, do not get bound by attachment to it. What is the use of earning money with hard work, if it is to turn into a source of anxiety? Money is not the entire essence of life, nor it is the highest ideal in life. Money is necessary for livelihood; so acquire it by fair means and just sufficient for the needs. You should not allow your peace and contentment to get disturbed, whether you get a lot of money or by chance you lose it. God’s will should be seen behind both the events. Our honour or reputation does not depend only upon money but it depends mainly upon our behaviour; our honour is not lost with money. Everybody feels that one should earn money sufficient not only for the present needs but also for future, for the children. What do we find in the world? The more the wealth, the more the problems and disputes between the claimants. We are not sure of ourselves; how can we be sure of children? But no one really gives consideration to this.
There is a description in Yogavasishtha, that Ramachandra developed a sort of disgust for money. We also have similar feelings. The only difference is that Ramachandra’s disgust was over the surfeit of wealth while ours is for not having ‘enough’ money. We treat money as the means for acquiring happiness in our family life.
Let us divide our requirement for money into two parts. The first part, meant for our family life, should be acquired by honest means, do not covet for more. The second part, which we are fortunate to get in excess of our needs, really belongs to others. We should not entertain any greed for acquiring this.
A rich man spends his entire life in acquiring wealth, but in the absence of awareness of God, the wealth ultimately ruins him. However, if you acquire wealth while maintaining continuous remembrance of God, you will not get ruined but enjoy happiness due to it.

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