Sri Brahmachaithanya Pravachan- Jan.16

Repeat Nama for its Own Sake

On slippery ground grass cannot grow, and the foot slips. Nama similarly precludes all conditioning, nor does it need any instrument, causation, etc. Health, learning, age, sex, caste, — none of these can be either a necessity or a limitation. Every other sadhana needs either ability, or strength, or money. Nama being free of encumbrance, we should also free ourselves of all encumbrance when doing nama-smarana, in order that love for it be generated in us; that is, it should be done only for its own sake, not for some other end. If chanted with the aim of achieving some desire, it may not fulfil that desire, nor will it contribute to spiritual uplift. To chant nama with an ulterior motive is one of the most sinful things on earth. Therefore, nama-smarana should be practised for its own sake, and without any desire or expectation. Nama-smarana done for its own sake turns our thoughts inward, and that reveals to us the eternal joy which resides in our own heart.
We should be painstakingly watchful about three points. Our conduct should be immaculate, unimpeachable; never give up nama; and always keep in mind that the sadguru is ever taking care of you.
Every person has fondness for something; that should be turned to account by incorporating or associating nama with it. Self-realization will not come soon if we pursue it; but it will come soon and easily if we pay affectionate attention to the Lord. To be doing nama-smarana is positively to march on the way to self-realisation. Shrikhand (sweetened yogurt) contains curdled milk and sugar as its bulk, but has saffron, almonds, etc. in small quantities to enhance its flavour. So it is with nama; practise it every day, regularly, perhaps in small quantity but with utmost sincerity, and without expecting anything in recompense; it will bring about grand results. Nama is as vital a necessity for human life as water for the body.
Nama annihilates the prowess of Kali Yuga, whose main action is to corrupt man with the enticement of sensuous pleasures. Nama strikes at the very root of Kali, and therefore, one devoted to nama is uncorrupted by Kali, and cares not for the ravages of destiny. The Supreme Being has to inhabit his body, and therefore sattva-guna grows in that body to make it fit for Him to dwell in.
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